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Video Game Addiction Treatment, Blockchain Gaming, Screen-Time, Internet Gaming, Social Media Use

Connect with life not your device

Residential. PHP. IOP. Outpatient.

Behavioral healthcare for emotional wellness in the digital age.


For people coping with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, PTSD, ASD, and Employment, Academic, and Relational Difficulties (and who use tech, a lot!)

Innovative. Pioneering. Trendsetting care.

We believe environment and people matter


What surrounds you is just as important as what’s inside you. For far too long, mental health care has been delivered in dingy office buildings, with dated waiting rooms, and a clear separation between you and the professional you’re seeing. It’s time for a drastic change in the way people receive care.

The reSTART experience starts with a warm, bright, and inviting space where you’re part of our community. In fact, it’s all about community.

We focus on the foundation of mental wellness, namely — love, connection, belonging and acceptance.  When these things are missing — when we’ve been bullied, feel depressed or anxious, or experiencing shame — our mental health deteriorates and we may turn to unhealthy or addictive behaviors to meet our needs.

We game. We TikTok. We binge. We isolate.

We understand.

Don't just take our word for it.

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Residential Care for Teens

Mental Health Care | Boarding School | Personalized Academics

For youth 13-18 experiencing school problems, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, learning differences, family conflict for people seeking video game addiction treatment, help with Internet gaming disorder, social media addiction, and help with screen-time use

Intensive Care for Adults

It’s not easy to be progressive. In fact, it’s quite difficult. Likewise, changing your pattern of use is challenging and requires strength to go up against the status quo. But you don’t have to do it alone.

We’ve been helping people develop a healthier more sustainable relationship with technology for over a decade. 

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Serenity Mountain

32-acres of pure awesome

Our specialty is quality care

Services for Adults

Intensive PHP and IOP care located in the Pacific Northwest.

Stay in a life sharing retreat with others seeking sustainable use

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Outpatient Integrative Psychiatry, Coaching, and Counseling

Coaching by phone, and counseling in-person in the Pacific Northwest.

Services for Teens

Residential mental health care and therapeautic boarding school for youth 13-18

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Lasting change begins with an intensive experience.