Video game addiction treatment, Internet gaming disorder help, and support for co-occurring conditions

Residential care, counseling, coaching, and naturopathic psychiatry for behavioral addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions


We’re here to help.

What is the best program for change?

It’s the one which leads you to a happier, healthier life

There is nothing inherently wrong with video gaming, surfing the net, using VR, or bingeing on Netflix or eSports. That is, unless you find yourself feeling depressed, anxious, academically behind, angry and lonely. What you choose to do today, comes at a huge personal cost later.

At reSTART, we begin with the end in mind. Together, we explore what your future, and we find ways to get you there.

With a decade of experience, our programs are known for creating lasting sustainable change.


Take a break from tech.

Our retreat center intensives and residential care programs offer teens and adults a safe place to join like-minded people seeking a healthier digital life.

Experience growth you can measure.

We don’t just talk about change, you’ll live it. You’ll feel it. You’ll be challenged to examine your thinking, explore your plans for the future, and feel supported by others with similar experiences. 

Find your purpose.

The people you’ll met at reSTART think differently. They are bright, intelligent, and exceptional in so many ways. Whether it’s in the game or on their device, they seek connection. We’ll help you find it.

Make friends.

If you game, surf,  snap, post or watch eSports, you likely have many online friends. While these relationships are valuable, our clients tell us that the friends they make here are some of the best and most rewarding they’ve ever had. Our program fosters real genuine connection with people who matter most.

Services for Adults

Intensive residential care located in the Pacific Northwest.

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Outpatient Coaching and Counseling

Coaching by phone, and counseling in-person in the Pacific Northwest.

Services for Teens

Residential care and therapeautic boarding school for youth 13-18

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Change begins with an intensive stay.