Understanding your son or daughter’s gaming behavior this past year

Instructions: This screen assists people in making decisions about the way their son or daughter engages in gaming activities. Please answer these questions based on your son or daughter’s engagement with gaming over the past year (i.e., 12 months).
For clarification, “games or gaming” are catchall terms which include online (i.e., the Internet) and offline engagement with games (e.g., video games, console games, handheld games, cellular phone or tablet games, computer games) or use of any other device capable of playing games, and includes the viewing of current or past games being played or broadcast (e.g., eSports).

*This tool is adapted from the Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (BBGS) developed to measure gambling behavior, and the DSM-5 criteria for IGD. Developed by Cosette Rae, MSW, LICSW, ACSW

1.How often do you feel your son or daughter thinks about their current, previous or next gaming activity?
2.Has your son or daughter become restless, irritable, angry, or anxious when they were unable to engage in gaming activities?
3.Has their engagement with gaming activities increased in the past year?
4.What is the average number of hours your son or daughter spends engaging in gaming activities each week?
5.Has your son or daughter tried to reduce participation in game activities but found it too difficult, so they’ve continued engaging in gaming activities?
6.Has your son or daughter lost interest in non-game related activities (e.g., sports, hobbies, family activities, etc.)?
7.Has your son or daughter continued to engage in game activities despite knowing the problems they experience as a result of their use?
8.Has your son or daughter deceived a family member, significant other, employer or therapist regarding the amount of time spent engaging in gaming activities?
9.Do you believe your son or daughter participates in gaming activities to feel better (e.g., reduce anxiety, loneliness, sadness, guilt, worry, etc.)?
10.Has your son or daughter jeopardized or lost an academic or employment opportunity or significant relationship because of their engagement with gaming activities?
11.On the line below, please select the option that best describes your son or daughters desire to change: