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Take charge and “level up” your engagement in life through coaching. You have the power to design the life that is best for you. A strategic plan will get you from your life now, to the life you want. While putting your digital media use into healthy perspective, we will work together and integrate your strengths, desires, and values to develop a plan that leads to your best life.

Coaches can help:

  • Education on the impact of technology overuse
  • Self-awareness and other awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Core values work
  • Strength finding
  • Visioning a better future
  • Finding purpose and meaning
  • Life skills
  • Self-love; confidence
  • Motivation
  • Building family unity
  • Focusing on areas of personal power and control
  • Building support systems and community involvement
  • Planning and accountability

Life coaching helps you build a plan to connect with what matters most – life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is coaching?

Simply put, coaching is a powerful method of guided discovery to help individuals identify their goals and develop strong action plans that achieve results.

How can reSTART Coaching Help Me?

reSTART coaches are here to support individuals and families in achieving a healthy and balanced relationship with digital media. We focus on overcoming personal challenges, building important connections, and developing action plans that align with your core values.

Where do we meet for coaching?

We love meeting in-person at our Bellevue location. However, we realize that not everyone lives right around the corner, so we also offer remote coaching via phone or videoconference.

How is Coaching Different from Therapy

While therapy is an important piece to uncovering and healing the past, coaching starts where you are right now and helps to discover and create the path forward. It is solutions-focused, client-driven and teaches tools that eventually lead the client to being able to “coach” themselves.

Who Seeks Out Coaching?

We coach adult individuals who struggle with digital media use, but may not be in need of our intensive program; post-intensive treatment clients transitioning into new phases/stages of recovery; and parents who are seeking help with digital media use in their homes and families.

Life Coach Offerings

The coaching model is solutions-focused, forward-focused and based upon the value and power of each individual’s intuition and strengths. It is largely client-driven, based upon what the client feels they most need, through exploration of desires, possibilities, impact and actionable planning.

Coaching as a first step

Coaching for individuals not ready for treatment are those with more moderate tech use who desire to change, but need tools, resources, support and accountability to help them step into a healthier relationship with digital media. 

Coaching for Parents and Families

Parents/Families who are not a part of our program, but struggle with the impact of tech use – whether that be their own use, the use of one of their children, or the use by the entire family system. This may also include limited coaching support to parents of reSTART clients already in our Sustainability and Alumni programs.

Coaching for Recovery Users

Clients who desire additional help in learning tools that can consistently drive sustainable action when they are preparing to live more independently, and ultimately leave reSTART. This would be a good space for counseling services and coaching to work in collaboration. 

Coaching for reSTART Alumni

Coaching for reSTART alumni would include: Coaching services for clients who are in the process of leaving the Sustainability program, or who have already exited reSTART. It is designed to support them in sobriety and successful life development in the next phases of their lives.


Benefits of Life Coaching

01. Healthy Use. Healthy Lifestyle.

Our coaches work with you to

  • Examine individual and family tech use
  • Know when to be concerned about video games, eSports, smart phones, social media, VR, AR, and gambling
  • Explore the latest digital trends impacting health
  • Focus on living true to your own core values
  • Develop an individual and family tech use plan
Arrive at ideas that matter

02. Be Inspired


  • You’ll be asked insightful questions which bring reflection
  • You’ll find creative ways to address needed change
  • You’ll connect with your highest and best self
  • You’ll build a partnership with your coach
  • You’ll acheive the goals you set for yourself
The reSTART Method

03. Our Coaching Approach

We offer person-centered coaching which

    • Offers hope and encouragement
    • Based in healthy relationships
    • Medical education and information for clients and familiesEvidenced based care provided by specialty providers

Residential Care

Work with the foremost leaders in treatment for problematic use. Offering residential care and life-sharing options for youth and adults

Progams That Work

Individuals with video game addiction, Internet addiction, social media over-use, gaming, and co-occurring depression/anxiety find balance

reSTART your life.

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