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Leading the way

Being the first in the nation to treat internet gaming disorder was born from experience, not guesswork. Our leadership team understood two fundamental issues – the world of digital design and development from the inside, and the ways in which digital advancement impacts overall health and wellness. For over a decade, we’ve led the field in providing innovative cutting-edge care.

The unknown digiverse

Online media is moving at a pace previously unthinkable. The information clinicians rely on is changing almost instantaneously. Using grounded theory concepts, we’ve designed our program to keep up with these advancements. We know what we don’t know and we learn more.


We didn’t develop our program using some MBA textbook, or relying on what had been done in the past by other providers. It grew organically.

We feel honored to have a founding member who, as a devloper, struggled with digital addiction herself, and another who’d been focused on treating this condition since the early 90s. Today, this ongoing collaboration drives the way we think, and inspires the treatment we provide.

You in?

If you’re not currently considering how to employ sustainable digital media use practices, the online activities you enjoy may someday be managing you. This is the challenge of our day.

Our clients know this. We know this. We successfully treat for this.

Only @ reSTART

We foster genuine connection

Human beings are wired to connect.

We are a meaning making people. We seek to be heard, valued, respected, and cared about. From our earliest beginnings we are designed to attach to each other in order to thrive.  In essence, we connect to thrive. 

Technology allows us ample opportunities for connection. But is it real? Is it genuine? Is it authentic? For some, the answer is yes. For others, it’s simply a substitute for an unmet human need.

reSTART is built on the core belief that connection matters.






Device free minutes reclaimed

If you spent 9 weeks screen free

What would change?

We learn, see, do and review

We seek solutions together

While we may be considered the leading experts in problematic use, the real expert is you. Innately, you know where you want to go. Together we find the path to get there.

10 years. Hundreds of clients. Thousands of stories about . . .

Gaming. Leveling-up. Conflict. Twitch. Never enough time. Insatiable. Churn. Race to relevance. Streaming. YouTube. eSports.  #1 in the game. Lying. More lying. Trolling. Failing classes. Excitement. Depression. Anxiety. Bullying. Dark web. Sheer fun. Gaming addiction. Thoughts of suicide. Job loss.  Reddit. Twitter. Incognito. Comic-con. Google. Freedom. Divorce. Misogyny. College failure. Workarounds. #1 in the game.  Instagram. Influencer. Gamer girl. Isolation. ADD. ADHD. Anger. Teachers. Professional gaming. Stolen money. Call of Duty. Cheats. Gambling. Secrets. Debt. Expansion pack. Artificial Intelligence. Augmented reality. Limits. Facebook stalking.  Apple. Android. Backdoors. Giphys. Epic games. Overwatch. Hearthstone. Diablo. Starcraft. Mental health. 12-step. No sleep. VR. Junk food. Harassment. Living in the car. Weight gain. Weight loss. ASD. Virtual autism. Challenge. Healers.  Excitement. Tribe. Guild. Game. Role-play. Smartphone. Apps. Content streamer. Perfection. Loot boxes. Easter eggs. Skyrim. MMORPGs. Lan parties.Guilt. Shame. Poor job performance. Power. Game design. Burn out. Backdoor apps. Hidden apps. Cyber. Bots. Bitcoin. Blockchain. Fortnite. Battleground. Netflix. Hulu. Binge viewing. Fortnite. Free to play. Social space. AI. Emoting. Mortal combat. Internet. Future of gaming.

We get a thing or two



“My time at the reSTART program has been an amazing one. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, but it's been exactly what I needed. I have taken this time to build and grow my support system and coping strategies so that I'll never have to face a challenge alone again. I have also worked on my authenticity by having a sense of accountability when I'm being obviously in-authentic. Probably the thing that I needed the most when coming in here was self-kindness and self-compassion.”

reSTART Alumni, 21

“I arrived at reSTART realizing my need for a more structured recovery environment from gaming. There are many things I am still working on, but the point is, I am here to learn, I am here to recover, and I am grateful for the community of support.”

reSTART Alumni, 21

“The most important thing I think I've gained here is the ability to recognize what I'm feeling and why I'm feeling it. This has immensely improved my ability to interact with others and work towards building relationships.”

reSTART Alumni, 28

“I've realized how much of a struggle my recovery will be, becfause addiction is a hard disesase to fight. As is depression. But I can do it; I am doing it, I am the Juggernaut, and I don't stop for nothing. My confidence is beginning to rise; real and true confidence. I'm better able to communicate socially with other people; one of my biggest problems. While it's been a tough road, and will continue to be one for a long time, I am going to walk that road one step at a time."

reSTART Alumni, 21


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