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Are you digitally distracted?

Overusing? Too much screen use may become your vice

As the nation’s leader in depression and video game addiction treatment, we’ve worked with some of the best gamers and influencers in the world.

Screen use is only half the problem. Regular use has been linked to depression, anxiety, and attention deficit issues.

Regardless of the reasons for seeking support, people find strength and hope here and in each other. People leave our program feeling better, healthier, and with a clear strategy and plan on how to move forward.


Our evidence-based programs help adults get back on track with what matters most – life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is your philosophy of change?

Many online actions are driven by a need to engage, feel challenged, and to be valued. Although it may feel like we are connecting to each other, the use of digital media in our daily lives often leads to an “illusion of connectedness.”

In over 10 years of working with adults who use screens heavily, it’s not the cascading series of events undermining a person’s quality of life that creates lasting change, it’s the connection to like-minded people who listen and understand that fosters hope.

Our programs are founded on the belief that love, connection and belonging are central to a desire to change. 

How Long Does the Process Take?

. While each person’s journey is unique, there are four stages of growth needed to invite lasting change.

The first step involves a de-tech break from “all things tech” at our sober living ranch. This is followed by an intensive retreat where a sustainable plan is developed and shared. Next is ongoing guidance and mentoring offered by a team of clinical specialists. As you’re ready, ongoing support is available to assist you in maintaining a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Our average length of stay is 12-16 weeks in the first step of our combined DeTech/Intensive Retreat program

What services do you offer Adults?

We offer:

  • A safe home based life-sharing community
  • Comprehensive assessments upon arrival
  • Daily workshops covering a broad range of relevant topics related to mental health and screen use
  • Weekly individual sessions with daily check-ins
  • Campus filled with amenities such as basketball, music studio, art room, and recreation center
  • Connection with nature on our multiple campuses
  • Service and volunteer opportunities
Who is your program appropriate for?

reSTART is appropriate for emerging adults seeking support for screen dependence and co-occurring mental health conditions, or those taking a gap year. Our program offers rolling admission for people coping with the following issues:

  • Unmanageable screen or internet use, video game play, virtual and augmented reality, and social media problematic use
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD)
  • Isolation and lack of friendships
  • De-conditioned, lack of exercise
  • Poor diet, unhealthy eating
  • Strained family relationships
  • Family conflict
  • Unhealthy sleeping habits (up at night online)
  • Decline in academic performance
  • Poor employment engagement
  • Low motivation
  • Trauma related issues
  • High-functioning autism spectrum (possible virtual autism)

In order to create a strong, safe & supportive community, we are unsuited for those with significant substance use, aggression outside the home, eloping behaviors, those who are actively suicidal, or those with an inability to function on their own.

We are happy to provide outside referrals as needed.

How do I enroll? Is there a waitlist?

As part of the enrollment process, you’ll have a conversation by phone to discuss your specialized care needs.

Length of stay is customized to accommodate treatment needs and family budgetary constraints. Most adults stay three to twelve months.

As the nations premier treatment provider for digital addiction services, we often carry a waitlist to get in.

Due to our small campus size, we suggest you enroll and be placed on the waitlist as soon as possible.

the reSTART Program

What are clients saying?

For me, reSTART was an opportunity to look inward and re-evaluate myself. I have never really been able to trust people and always avoided everything. Having an explanation for things has been really helpful, I have a direction to work towards. I’ve also come to have a new view on technology use. I never really thought abstinence from technology may be necessary or even userful. Having been away from it for months now. I am able to see a lot more clearly how out of control my use had become. I have definitely made progress here, and it has been cool to watch others change too.

J - Age 21

(Name withheld by company policy to protect client privacy)

“When I first heard of reSTART, I imagined a sterile, impersonal, hospital-like environment. But my imagination could not have been more wrong. From the moment I settled down at the ranch for the detox phase of the program, I felt welcomed by the staff, and cared about as an individual. I enjoyed getting to take care of the many animals at the ranch; the horses, the goats, the kittens, the chickens, and Lasso our dog. I came to see the Ranch almost as a second home. At Heavensfield I made new friends, and became more focused on learning about myself and my addiction. But most of all, I am grateful for my fellow clients at restART, who are always fun and entertaining to be around, and very supportive of each other. In my time here, I feel that I have matured emotionally, and honed many skills that will help me manage my life in the future. I’d like to thank my family, because without their support, I would not be here at all.

C - Age 19

(Name withheld by company policy to protect client privacy)

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