Overwhelmed by texts and emails?

by | Mar 29, 2019

It is an understatement to say that the frequency of text messages and emails overwhelming our phones and inboxes leave many of us anxious and distracted. Our evolutionary history has not equipped our brains to respond to and then relax from these interruptions (and at times wonderful connections) in our lives. I have found that my need to create space away from these notifications has become a staple of my mental health. Even better than simple time away, spending time in nature brings the kind of calm that my nerves wait for while I respond to the next email.

Newer research is continuing to discover the profound impact that having or not having connection to the natural environment plays in our mental and physical health. As I cope with the everyday distractions of my technology connected life, I find myself longing for a place where I can hear myself think, allow my body to calm down, and connect to all that is around me. As research about the impacts of nature on our health unfolds, it is becoming clear that nature plays this important role in a way that other interventions are trying to keep up with.

I am grateful that I am able to spend part of my time as a therapist leading others to discover the beauty and calm of the mountains, ocean, and lakes of the Northwest. The picture shown is an image from one of our trips to Mt. Baker last year.

May you, too, discover your sense of calm and plan your next adventure to our home in nature.

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